Gifts for Guns This Weekend

The program has been around since 2008; bring in an illegal gun, and get a $100 Crossgates Mall gift card.

No questions asked.

This year, Pastor Charlie Mueller's, "Gifts for Guns" initiative is being called a huge success.

With the program expanded into Troy, 93 guns have been turned in so far.

Chris D'Allesandro, with the Albany County DA's office, tells WGY a program like this can make a difference.

"I think a large part now is due to Pastor Charlie, people just trust him, I mean he's our secret weapon, you know, we always hear of, 'weapons of mass destruction,' Charlie's our, 'weapon of mass collection.'"

And they are not done yet.

You can bring in a gun between 10 AM and 2 PM at either Victory Christian Church in Albany, or Victorious Life Church in Troy, and get a gift card.

Photo: Getty Images

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