Now Comes The Brutal Cold, No Break Till Mid Next Week

First, it was the snow. 

Now, it's the cold and the wind. 

A wind chill warning is in effect for most of our area for just about the entire weekend.

With winds expected to gust around 40 to 45 mph, it's going to feel like it's about 25 below here in the Capital Region, and much colder elsewhere. 

The high on Friday only 7 degrees, and the low Friday night will be 5 below.

The high on Saturday will be even colder, just 3 degrees.

Sunday the temperature will rise a small bit, up to 13 degrees.

Monday we’ll see a high of 29 degrees.

Even warmer on Tuesday, look for an expected high of 34 degrees.

The bitterly cold weather is especially hard on the homeless. 

Perry Jones, the Executive Director of the Capital City Rescue Mission in Albany, says they're serving upwards of 800 meals per day.

“We’re at peak numbers, last (Thursday) night we did 304 people, and the homeless numbers were up anyway this year by about 10-15%, but these numbers are up because of severe cold.”

Jones adds “People need a place to be while they sustain themselves for the next chapter of their life, and this is what we are, we’re here for that.”

Jones adds they're starting to run out of cold weather gear, and are looking for donations.

“But it’s been hard on the homeless and needy this winter, and for us, people have been very good to us, to keep us so we have things to give out.”

At Albany International Airport, more than a dozen flights out of Albany were cancelled on Thursday. 

A couple of flights were diverted to Albany, including a Norwegian Air 787 Dreamliner with more than 300 people on board. 

Passengers and crew were bussed to JFK. 

Travelers again are urged to check their airlines' web site.

The weather is certainly taking its toll on one local community. 

We have a big water main break in Cohoes, which has seen several other infrastructure problems in recent days. 

Mayor Shawn Morse says this is at the intersection of Upper Manor and Baker Avenues.

“We’re probably gonna have to shut down three or four buildings of the street to get all this water shut down, and it’s really gonna be a pain because again this is a main intersection for our people coming and going in the city.”

Morse says there's no way to estimate how long repairs might take.

“Right now the biggest concern is trying to see if we can find the valves that turn that shut the water down, so they could be frozen themselves, so we may have a major problem, just trying to shut it down before we even get to trying to fix it.

There's no boil-water advisory in place at this point.

Photo: Getty Images

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