Happy New Year… Kelly’s Family is Growing!

Happy New Year!

We are very much looking forward to 2018 in the Lynch-Wyland household.  2017 was a really lousy year for us. It started with the loss of our sweet 14 year old yellow lab, Hayleigh.  It was heartbreaking, and anyone who has experienced the death of a pet knows the loss is very real.  Then six months later, I experienced loss on a whole different level… my dad died after a grueling 9 month battle with stage 4 lung cancer.  The months in between were spent undergoing knee surgery and physical therapy, flying to Florida to be with my dad through chemo and radiation, and an appendicitis scare with my 13 year old.

Somewhere in the middle of all of this, we also started dog sitting for a family member.  As Spencer the Golden Doodle started spending more time with us, we started to get attached.  We look forward to his visits, and miss him when he leaves.  Since his parents wouldn’t let us keep him… it was time for another dog.  After a big family meeting about the responsibilities that come with raising a puppy (we had Hayleigh before we had kids, so they had no idea what was to come) we decided to get another dog.  Another discussion followed regarding a boy or girl, and what to name it (Ole Buddy and Buttface did NOT make the short list) and we made plans to bring our new baby home on December 17th.

Meet Oliver, or “Ollie”, our 10 week old mini golden doodle.  He’s brought a whole lot of love and life to our home, bringing a very happy ending to an otherwise pretty tough year.

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