No Trailer? No Problem!

Were you driving on the Northway last week? Well, you may have been in for a surprise if you saw this Ford Focus driving with a snowmobile...attached to the roof! 

Freddy Muhlberger just wanted a way to transport his sled to his friends house in Ticonderoga when he became an internet sensation. Many people commented on the viral post about how unsafe this was, but he ensures that he used 3 ratchet straps to hold it down, and he didn't break any speed limits before arriving safely at his destination, snowmobile unmoved. 

Muhlberger said it was easy getting in on the roof; he drove his car up to a snowbank as tall as his car and drove the snowmobile onto the roof. However, getting it off was difficult and he ended up tearing off his rear bumper.

And in case you're wondering, it apparently isn't illegal. A State Trooper saw photos of the car and said that he couldn't think of any law that was broken. 

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