Chuck's Blog: Will the Bills Win? Are the Pats Crumbling?

A HUUUUGE game this weekend for the Buffalo Bills as they are in the playoffs for the first time since 1999, taking on the Jaguars in Jacksonville. Even though I'm a Patriots fan, I always root for the Bills (except when they are playing the Pats or when Rex Ryan was coach) because I truly admire Bills fans' unwavering loyalty through thin and thin. On another topic, as a Pats fan I'm truly disturbed by an ESPN report that Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and owner Robert Kraft are feuding and in a power struggle that could lead to a premature end to the dynasty. 

Kelly and I talked to National Correspondent Bill Zimpher, former voice of the Miami Dolphins, about the Bills, Pats and the other playoff games this weekend.  - Chuck 

Photo: Getty Images



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