Schenectady Stockade Facing Mohawk River Flooding

Spring-like temperatures on Friday made for typical spring-like flooding yesterday in Schenectady's Stockade.

Area residents tell News Channel 13 they are watching the Mohawk River carefully, but are not losing any sleep over it.

"The water's flowing, and it's rising, it is a concern, but we don't think it's going to come all the way to Front Street, but we are worried about the people on the side streets."

"I came out and I saw water coming up in the street, so far it's just in the street."

Cindy Cseh lives along North Ferry Street, and says things changed on the river pretty quickly.

"Earlier, it was a beautiful scene, there was snow and ice on the river, the next time I went down, the water, the ice broke."

There were no evacuations as a result of Saturday's flooding.

Photo: Getty Images

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