Siena Poll Gives Cuomo a Boost

TARRYTOWN, NY - MAY 14:  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo introduces U.S. President Barack Obama at the Washington Irving Boat Club on May 14, 2014 in Tarrytown, New York. Tomorrow President Obama will attend the opening of the National September 11 Memoria

Anew Siena Poll says Gov. Cuomo is enjoying some of the best favorability numbers he's had since June of 2014.  

Statewide, 62% of voters view him favorably, and 50% say he's doing either a good or excellent job in office.  However, he's not quite as popular upstate.  Only 51% of upstate voters view him favorably, and only 42% outside NYC and the suburbs say he's doing a good job.  

Across the state, 55% of voters are prepared to give him another term.  Upstate, 49% say they'd prefer someone else.

Voters say taxes and health care should be the governor's top priorities this year, replacing perennial favorites education and jobs.

Gov. Cuomo will deliver his 2018 budget address today at the State Museum.

photo:  Getty Images

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