Warnings & Tickets in Albany & Troy Post Snowstorm

Now that the snow has ended, it's time to get the snow shovel out. 

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan is reminding property owners and landlords they have 24 hours to clear sidewalks of snow. 

If the sidewalks aren't cleared within that time, it could mean a fine.

The city declared the snow event to be over at 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, so property owners have until that time Thursday to get things cleared. 

If it's not, city crews may do it, and bill the property owner for the time. 

And a fine is possible on top of that. 

If you're a senior, disabled, or just need help with snow removal, you can call 2-1-1 for help. 

At the same time, officials in Troy will be increasing parking enforcement efforts in the aftermath of the snowstorm. 

Starting Friday and continuing through the 26th, officers will issue tickets to vehicles found to be in violation of alternate-side parking restrictions. 

Anyone still in violation on the 29th may have their vehicle towed.

Photo: Getty Images

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