Snow, Ice, and Flooding Plague Schenectady and Warren Co.

Seems like Mother Nature is not happy with us these days.  

We've seen brutal cold, record warmth, ice jams, flooding, and snow over the past few days, and the problems are not going away.

Huge chunks of ice are piling up in Schenectady's Stockade neighborhood, and in Warren County, the route 418 bridge in Warrensburg could be closed for weeks because of flooding.  

"When the ice jam got lodged into the bridge, the water behind it had nowhere to go," said Lt. Peter DiFiore with the Warren County Sheriff's Office.

The highway on the Thurman side is under water and thick sheets of ice, but no homes are in danger of flooding at the moment.

But it may be a while before officials can even get a look at the damage.

"We've got people looking at possibilities of ways to try to break this up, but there's no good way to access the shore," said Warren County Emergency Services Director Brian LaFlure.

A nearby golf course is buried under the ice.  

No homes are in danger of flooding at the moment.   

As for the immediate Capital Region, we're under a winter weather advisory today.  Snow is expected to continue through the day, with accumulations of 2-4 inches by tomorrow.

photo:  Getty Images

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