Local Women's March Held near State Capitol

About 3,000 people turned out for the Women's March in Albany's West Capitol Park yesterday.

Co-Organizer Castina Charles tells News Channel 13 one of the major messages this year is to get out the vote.

"This year is a very important year in terms of a lot of political stuff going on, so we want to motivate folks."

Marchers walked in protest to issues including gender and racial inequality, animal rights, healthcare rights, and DACA.

They also walked, however, in support of accomplishments of women in the past year.

Another Women's March was held in Hudson.

Charles adds that for many participants, this was a celebration of all the accomplishments made over the past year.

"So many people have won elections, so many women transcended people of color, and so in actuality, Trump may be doing something, taking a step back, but he's inspired something greater in everybody."

Photo: Getty Images

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