Upstate Issues: Mediation Making a Difference

"We sometimes are thought of as the best kept secret in the Capital Region and that's really unfortunate because what we have is a resource that's available to everybody in the community."  -Sarah Rudgers-Tysz, Executive Director of Mediation Matters


Everyone has conflict at some point in their lives and sometimes those conflicts can escalate causing rifts in families, poor relationships between co-workers and neighbors, even violence in the community or workplace.


Mediation Matters has been helping people in the Capital Region work out their differences for almost 4 decades, both through private counseling sessions and through their work in local high schools.  Remarkably, Mediation Matters does this for free or at a low cost to participants.


In this podcast Diane Donato talks with Executive Director Sarah Rudgers-Tysz about the nature of conflict and the ways Mediation Matters is making a difference here in Upstate, NY.

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