Issues Arising with Trial of Joe Percoco

A snag in the trial of Joe Percoco.

Federal prosecutors are trying to convince a jury that Percoco, a close aide to Governor Cuomo, accepted bribes for political influence.

The trial of Joe Percoco centers on whether his wife, Lisa, was given a $7500 a month, "low-show" job, in exchange for Percoco's influence with the Governor.

Now, the federal government's star witness, Todd Howe, has been arrested and accused of violating the terms of his plea deal.

Howe, who says he helped craft the deal to funnel money to Percoco, may have incriminated himself during cross-examination.

He says he admitted he lied to his credit card company, during a period in which his federal plea bargain was contingent on him not committing any more crimes.

Photo: Getty Images

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