'Free-for-the-first-year' Spectrum Digital Converter Boxes May Not Be Free

If you received one of those free-for-the-first-year digital converter boxes from Spectrum, you might want to check your next bill very carefully.

Several customers have complained about receiving higher bills after getting the boxes from Spectrum, after they were told it would be free for the first year.

Customer Sandra Reynolds contacted the company to get her bill fixed, but she tells News Channel 13 that it bothers her that she had to call them at all.

"I think what was more upsetting is when I was finding out that there was a mistake on their part, they didn't rectify it, they're not being proactive."

Reynolds adds that she worries about others on auto pay or others who might not realize they are being overcharged, until after making several payments.

Spectrum has responded to the reports, saying it is not a widespread issue.

Photo: Getty Images

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