Long-Time Albany Police Chaplain Dead at 83

The long-time chaplain of the Albany Police Department has died at the age of 83.  

Father James Lefebvre was ordained in 1959, and became the Albany PD chaplain in 1965.  He attended to the spiritual, sacramental, and personal needs of the men and women of the police department for more than 50 years, baptizing hundreds of children and officiating in countless marriages for police officers.  

He was appointed to the position of Honorary Assistant Chief in 2014.  

In addition to his duties as police chaplain, Fr. Lefebvre served as a priest At St. Mary's Historic Church in Albany for many years, taught at Catholic Central High School, and was the principal at St. Joseph's Academy in Albany.

He has also been a key part of the annual police week.  Each year, Fr. Lefebvre held a mass at St. Mary's for families and loved ones of officers killed in the line of duty.  This mass served police departments from all across New York state.

No word yet on funeral services.

photo:  Albany Police Department

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