Give Us 30: You Told Us If NYS License Plates Would Protect the Kids

The New York State Senate this week approved some measures it says could make kids safer in our schools.  Included in that package, a proposal by local Senator Jim Tedisco to create a commemorative license plate.  The so-called "Guardian of the Schools" license plate would raise revenue for school security upgrades. Some Senate Democrats called it the "stupid license plate bill" but the hypocrites still voted for it.  

On this week's "Give Us 30", we opened up the phone lines and you told us what you think about the measure.


Personally,  I'd say the license plate measure is better than nothing.....but very close to being nothing.  If it wins final approval, it will likely end up being largely just a public relations tool for lawmakers to CLAIM they did something.  It might raise awareness a bit, but I doubt it will raise that much revenue.  If we're truly serious about prioritizing school safety, let's find the money to do it properly and stop the gimmicks. Lord knows we waste hundreds of millions of dollars in New York State every year on things that don't really matter.  


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