Irish Tradition Contest Taking Place This Weekend

Albany's Irish-American Heritage Museum is gearing up for an annual tradition this weekend: the Irish Soda Bread Contest.

Spokesperson Ed Collins tells WGY the museum will settle the matter of best traditional, and best family soda bread, with two contests.

"The family category, where anything goes, and then the traditional Irish Soda Bread, where there are only four ingredients: flour, baking soda, buttermilk, and salt."

He adds that each category brings its own originality to the competition.

"These are secrets that families have, there's the traditional category, and there's the family recipe, and they're handed down from generation to generation."

The event will feature tastings, music, and Irish cultural immersion.

It takes place from 10 AM through 2 PM at 370 Broadway in Albany.

For more information, please visit

Photo: Getty Images

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