Colonie U.S.P.S. Center Closed Pending Hazmat Investigation

The U.S.P.S. Processing and Distribution Center on Karner Road in Colonie is closed right now, as Hazmat teams and investigators try to identify a substance that caused a worker in a package room to break out in a rash.

Albany County Fire Coordinator, Jerry Paris, tells News Channel 13 the situation is ongoing.

"We have no idea what the substance is, it was in a package room, we do believe it is contained, but at this time, we're unsure, still unfolding as we go, we've had, 'Level 18s' in there right now to try to isolate what the issue is, and do some monitoring."

One other employee in the same room also experienced symptoms.

One patient has been transported to Albany Medical Center.

All workers have been evacuated, and all trucks have been told to return, as the investigation continues.

Photo: Getty Images

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