Cohoes Arsonist Pleads Guilty for Massive 2017 Fire

The man accused of setting a fire that burned down several buildings in the Remsen Street area of Cohoes has pleaded guilty to one count of Arson.  

Inspired by the History Channel show "Forged in Fire," 51-year-old John Gomes was reportedly trying to forge a sword using a fire set in a barrel in his back yard.  

The fire spread to his porch and, given the day's windy conditions, quickly spread to nearby buildings on Remsen Street. The fire happened on November 30, 2017 and became one of the biggest fires in the city's history.  

With his guilty plea, Gomes faces one year in the Albany County Jail.  

Gomes will also be ordered to pay restitution, although according to the Albany County D.A.'s office the amount of restitution has yet to be determined.

Here's video that WGY's Read Shepherd took one day after the fire.

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