State Spending Millions to Renovate Saratoga Bathhouse for Wellness Center

Some buildings at the Saratoga Spa State Park will get some pampering.

A 2.2 million renovation will convert the currently empty Roosevelt II Bathhouse into a home for Coesa Holistic Wellness Center and other future tenants, according to Governor Cuomo.  The investment is considered to be a public-private partnership. In a statement, Libby Coreno, Esq., identified as co-chair of the Coesa, Inc. Board of Directors said, "We are so excited to be launching a $1 million capital campaign to allow for the finishing of the interior of the space of Roosevelt II, the hiring of an executive director and a retreat coordinator, as well as assisting in the first two years of operations."

Here's more from the Governor's press release:

"A $2.2 million renovation project will convert the 1930s Georgian Revival style bathhouse into a multi-purpose facility for Coesa and additional future tenants. The 18,000-foot facility will have a renewed front lobby, new public restrooms, updated utilities, and a new tenant space for the Coesa Wellness Center. The local holistic wellness community will offer classes and programs to inspire and support people who desire a healthier self and world, including programs on leadership, mindfulness, workplace culture and therapeutic yoga teacher training."

Over $300,000 in additional state money will be spent to rehabilitate roofs, masonry and the plaster ceilings of the Hall of Springs and Administration Buildings Arcades.

Photo of Saratoga Spa State Park Building: Getty Images

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