Rebuilding Community in Schenectady and Beyond

"I enjoy the work that I am doing now because I am personally able to help rebuild the community I personally helped to destroy."  -William Rivas, Organizer of Save Our Streets.

William Rivas says he will never fear telling his truth.

His truth includes time behind bars and seeing the pain he caused his family.

But his truth also includes doing well in high school, strong friendships in his youth, and a decision to turn his mistakes around and become a leader in his community.

Now Rivas is making his mark through an organization he founded with his wife and brother called Save our Streets (SOS.) 

In this free podcast Rivas talks with Diane Donato about what inspired him to change his path and how he is now inspiring others.   He also talks about how SOS is mobilizing the community to support his many good works.


Photos in Gallery provided by William Rivas


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