Things You Didn't Know That Bartenders Hate

Few jobs can test the limits of a person’s patience more than being a bartender.

While there’s a list of things you can do to stay on your local barkeep’s good side, there are also a few things you can do that’ll keep you from getting great service. 

Here they are:

Don’t ask, “Is there any booze in this?” Just order a double or keep your pie-hole shut. There’s no incentive for a bartender to skimp on your alcohol.

It’s bad enough when a customer treats a bar like a phone-charging station, but don’t ask them to check if you’ve got messages for God’s sake.

When the bar’s busy, they’re all over-extended. Don’t be an attention hog.

Putting a bar stool between you and a friend means that someone else can’t get a seat at the bar…and, on a busy night, that’s a dick move.

Eye-contact and personality make the experience. Don’t ruin it by just treating that guy like an “automated drink machine.” Be cool and polite.

When you form a “line” at the bar, it takes away from their ability to multitask. You may think it’s polite, but it’s more of a burden than you think.

Have your money ready. On the busiest nights, it’s just another stop they’ve got to make. When you’re ready to roll, take out the card or the cash and make it one-stop-shopping…and tip!

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