What You Wear to the Gym May Make All the Difference

Some say it’s better to look good than to feel good. According to a new survey, looking good may actually lead to you feeling good in the end, because it may result in you sticking to a gym routine.

According to poll of regular gym goers, 69% say getting dressed for the gym is enough motivation to get them to stick to a gym routine. In fact, 88% say just putting on their gym clothes gives them the biggest motivation to hit the gym. It should be noted that this poll was conducted by gym clothes maker Barbell Apparel so we’d take it with a grain of salt.

But maybe you should put a little more thought into what you wear. Sure it’s easy to throw on your raggedy sweatpants and stained T-shirt, but 79% of people say owning good gym clothes helps them achieve their fitness goals. In addition, 85% say cool looking gym clothes makes them more confident when they’re working out and 79% said cool gym clothes actually helped them perform better.

Of course, clothes aren’t the only things motivating people to get to the gym. Other motivations include:

Seeing results in their body (58.7%)

Going with partner (44.8%)

Eating a healthy lunch (43.3%)

Setting achievable goals (40.2%)

Listening to a psych-up playlist (38.8%)

Joining a class at their gym (34.3%)

Working out in the morning (33.8%)

Eating a healthy snack beforehand (33.6%)

Talking about going (33%)

Source: NY Post

Photo: Getty Images

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