How to Tell if You're Getting Old

Spoiler alert! None of us are getting out of this alive, and eventually age will catch up with us. Not to worry – there’s plenty of life to be lived – so live it, people. With that being said, there are some signs that your age might be showing. A survey by Future You Health looked to 2,000 respondents to find the most glaring of those signs…and here they are:

Forgetting people’s names – 56.2%

Losing hair – 54.3%

Feeling “stiff” – 43.7%

Talking a lot about your “joints” and “ailments” – 42.4%

Groaning when you bend down – 37.9%

You don’t know any songs in the Top Ten – 29.7%

Misplacing things like your glasses, keys, etc. – 28.4%

Getting hairier on your back, nose, ears, etc. – 25.5%

Avoid lifting things because of back concerns – 24.8%

Saying things like “in my day” – 24.7%

You find it tricky to sit cross-legged on the floor – 24.45%

You hate noisy bars – 22%

Choosing clothes for comfort over style every time – 21.35%

Falling asleep in front of the TV every night – 21.2%

We discussed this, listen below!

Photo: Getty Images

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