Kelly's Blog: I Showed Up at the Police Station with Narcotics in My Purse

These drugs were all in my kitchen cabinet. All hydrocodone.

The pink ones were prescribed after knee surgery last year.  The white ones to the right were prescribed to my 13-year-old after oral surgery two weeks ago.  My THIRTEEN YEAR OLD. The last two were from so long ago that I don’t recall what they were for. They have just been sitting in my cabinet because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. 

This is how average, suburban kids and young adults go from fun loving, normal kids…to heroin addicts. And it happens FAST. These drugs are no joke. People who would never have a syringe of heroin in their house, have things like this in their medicine cabinet. There is really no difference.

All it takes is one curious kid to see what all the hype is about and before you know it, you have a kid hooked on heroin. It’s not exaggeration, it’s not media hype. It’s an epidemic and THIS is where it begins.

It’s drug take back day at local police departments across the country. You can find a list of drop off locations in your community on the DEA website.

Do it today. I did.

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