Owner of Cole's Collision Receives Maximum Sentence

A maximum sentence of seven years in prison is handed down in Saratoga County Court in the case of John Cole.

The owner of the Cole's Collision chain was convicted of an assault charge, related to a crash in March of last year on Sitterly Road in Halfmoon.

The crash left a female passenger paralyzed.

Deanna Shapiro was in the backseat at the time of the crash, and is now a quadriplegic.

Shapiro spoke in court, saying John gave her a life sentence, confined to a wheelchair, forever dependent on others for her most basic needs.

Her husband, Scott, is asking Cole to drop his appeal, and give her the apology that any decent human being would have given her 426 days ago.

Cole is said to have been drinking during a night out, before crashing his car into a tree.

Judge Jim Murphy says Cole was impaired by alcohol, speeding, reckless, and was showing off.

He had been acquitted of a D.W.I. charge connected to the case.

Following sentencing, Cole is allowed to be free during the appeals process.

Photo: Getty Images

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