Albany Man Kills Woman, Dies on I-90 While Fleeing the Scene

Albany and State Police hold a joint news conference Thursday afternoon about Sunday's incident where two people died. Those two have been identified as 21-year-old Nahjayyah Daise and 22-year-old Larnell Kennedy, both of Albany. 

Acting Police Chief Robert Sears says it all started while they were driving on Erie Street and Kennedy pulled a gun, "it's at this point where we believe the suspect shot our victim in the head three times as the car was moving. Witness accounts then put our suspect chasing after the vehicle as it rolled towards the intersection of Erie Street and Erie Boulevard."

The car then crashed into a utility pole and Kennedy tried to move Daise's body to the trunk of the car. He dropped the body and while attempting to leave the scene, the car backed over Daise. 

That's when witnesses were able to box Kennedy in. 

Kennedy then ran and climbed over two fences and ran up a grassy hill to I-90. While trying to cross I-90 he was struck by a vehicle. Both Daise and Kennedy were transported to Albany Med where they later died.

A motive for the shooting has not been found.

Photo: Getty Images

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