Drug Deal Turns Into Stabbing, One Pronounced Dead


Glens Falls Police say Friday night's stabbing was a drug deal gone bad.

31-year-old Charles Werner was stabbed in the chest and pronounced dead at Glens Falls Hospital.

Police believe Werner was meeting 19-year-olds Nicholas Hamel and Skylar Phillips, and 24-year-old Richard Rothaupt, to buy prescription drugs.

According to police, Werner tried to steal from the trio, and was chased down and attacked.

Maggie Martindale says she saw Werner run past her Union Street house, and that others tried to break up the fight.

She adds that the kid who did the stabbing cleaned the knife, and then tried to hand it to her.

She refused.

Hamel and Phillips are in custody, and will face felony manslaughter and assault charges.

Hamel was also treated for stab wounds to his arms, but it is unclear if those injuries were from Werner or Phillips.

Rothaupt was charged with possession of a controlled substance, as police say he had a, "large quantity" of Xanax pills.

Photo: Getty Images

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