Pedestrian Safety Upgrades Coming to Capital Region

Money, and lots of it, is going towards pedestrian safety upgrades in New York State.

$62 million is being used for upgrades on state and local roads.

Bryan Viggiani of the state's Department of Transportation tells WGY the money is being used for all different kinds of work.

"State level for the state D.O.T., we've got a $2.8 million project to improve safety to 180 locations by next Spring, and we're already done with 62 of those, and locally in the Capital Region, there is some funding, a total of $3.44 million dollars approved."

Some upgrades include the installation of high visibility crosswalk markings, and additional signs that will make people in crosswalks more visible to drivers.

Viggiani says the upgrades are not only necessary, but good for everyone.

"The roads are out there for pedestrians too, and they need to get across safely and they need you to do the right thing and not go through red lights, to put down the phones, to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and we're also encouraging pedestrians to do the right thing, to use the crosswalks where they are provided."

Crews have already begun improving more than 100 intersections in the Capital Region.

Viggiani says it is all part of a process.

"We're all in this together, we really need both drivers and pedestrians to do their part and have a sense of shared responsibility for safety for everyone, this is really part of what we call the, 'The Three E's,' engineering, education, and enforcement."

Photo: Getty Images

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