Happy Hour: Man Proposes to Girlfriend at Malta Price Chopper

The ice cream aisle at the Price Chopper in Malta, NY turned romantic when a would-be groom proposed to his girlfriend.

The man grabbed a pint of Ben & Jerry's labeled "Marry Me Mint" and the rest you can watch in the video below!

The couple, identified as Angelo and Kelly, will be wed in September 2019.

Congratulations, guys!

Photo: Getty Images

A dad in Louisiana got a surprise 2 years in the making. He has always dreamed about owning a 1966 Teal Mustang. So, his sons decided to save up their money and search for one. They were even lucky enough to find one. 

One day, they went for a drive with their dad and say a Mustang on the side of the road for sale. Well, it turns out that that was all apart of the plan. They handed the keys over to their dad for a test drive but it took some convincing. It took even more convincing to make him believe that the car was actually his. 

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