Grafton Cat Hit by 2 Cars, Survives, 7 Lives Remaining


NY State Police in Brunswick responded to a report of a cat being struck by two vehicles on State Route 2 in Grafton. 

When the Trooper arrived at the scene the cat was lying on the shoulder of the roadway with obvious head and leg injuries but still conscious. 

The concerned drivers were interviewed and explained that the cat ran into the roadway and was struck by one car then thrown into the path of the second car. The owner of the cat could not be located. 

The Trooper immediately transported the cat to the Brunswick Animal Hospital where it stayed for two days being treated. Personnel at the hospital then posted images of the cat on Facebook and the images were forwarded to residents in the Grafton area. 

The owner was located and picked up her cat, Harley, from the Brunswick Animal Hospital. The owner was contacted by the Trooper and advised that Harley is doing well and is expected to fully recover.

Photo: NY State Police

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