Smoke from California Fires Invades Upstate New York Skies

Smoke from several fires burning in California has had far-reaching effects. Skies Wednesday and Thursday in Upstate New York have been hazy due to the smoke traveling in the jet-stream.

WGY AccuWeather Meteorologist Heather Zehr says sunrises and sunsets should be very colorful for the next few days. When asked about health concerns, Heather says the smoke is too thin and too high up to have any noticeable effects, but still; some people might notice it.

A report by an analytics and risk assessment firm finds that over two-million California homes are at risk of wildfires.  The study by New Jersey-based Verisk Analytics found that more than 60 percent of homes in ten counties were at high risk of wildfires.  The company looked at three factors: proximity to forestland, terrain in the counties and accessibility for firefighters.  Some of the counties with the highest percentage of homes at risk include Alpine, Trinity, Tuolumne, Mariposa, Nevada and El Dorado.

Photo: NOAA/National Weather Service

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