Up to 3,000 Will Gather to Witness Priests Take Second Pledge

About 3,000 men and women from across the Roman Catholic Diocese of Albany will gather today in the Mohawk Valley for what is being called the, 'Hearts Aflame Eucharistic Congress.'

Bishop Edward Scharfenberger will be the keynote speaker at the event, which will feature priests from all corners of the diocese, re-commiting themselves to the promises of their priesthood.

The bishop tells WGY the act can be compared to a married couple, renewing their wedding vows.

"Obviously, their vows persist throughout their life, but from time to time, on an anniversary, they renew their marriage vows, so this is an opportunity for us, particularly the priests in this case, to renew their own commitment."

The event comes in the wake of a Pennsylvania grand jury report, concerning decades-long sex abuse.

Scharfenberger says people want to see the absolute pledge of the clergy to serve, as they were originally ordained to do.

Photo: Getty Images

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