Verified GoFundMe Fundraisers for Schoharie Tragedy Victims

Following the Schoharie Limo crash that killed 20 people on October 6th,  several GoFundMe campaigns have been launched to raise funds for the families of the victims.

To ensure that your donations are going to verified, authentic campaigns; you can CLICK HERE to go to a special hub that GoFundMe created.

“Our hearts go out to everyone who lost a loved one in this horrific crash,” said Daniel Gordon, GoFundMe VP of Trust, Policy and Communications. “GoFundMe guarantees that every dollar donated will be transferred directly to the appropriate person. It’s important to remember that when a GoFundMe is created on behalf of another individual, the funds are only released to the person intended as the beneficiary and the GoFundMe organizer does not have access to the funds. We have reviewed all the related GoFundMe campaigns and are working with all parties to ensure the money goes directly to the victims and surviving family members of this tragedy.”

New York Attorney General's office says, "The centralized hub followed conversations between the Attorney General’s office and GoFundMe; all funding campaigns listed on the page have been verified by GoFundMe to ensure donations are, in fact, going to beneficiaries of the victims."

Photo: GoFundMe - Archer, 4 years old, Elle, 16 months, tragically lost their parents, Adam and Abby, on October 6th in a horrific car accident. 

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