Saratoga Parents Rail Against School Board for Disarming Monitors

Parents in the Saratoga Springs School District flooded the school board meeting last night with comments following a vote to disarm school ground monitors.

A month ago when the school board voted 5-to-4 against allowing monitors to carry firearms, only a handful of people spoke up on the issue. In a packed house Tuesday night, parents and students railed on board members for not allowing the monitors, who are all former law enforcement officers, to carry a firearm as part of their job duties.  

Some speakers went as far as to say board members would be held personally responsible should a school shooting take place and a student loses their life. A few speakers did applaud the board for not making a gut reaction, but rather a decision based on research.  

Most, however, vowed to vote out those board members up for reelection in May that supported the veto.

Photo: WNYT

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