Rush Limbaugh & Sean Hannity to Rally with President Trump

President Trump is enlisting conservative commentators Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity for his final rally the night before Tuesday's midterm elections.  

Musician Lee Greenwood, who sings "God Bless the USA," will also be on hand for the rally Monday night in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Fox News says Hannity will be hosting his show from the rally and interviewing Trump, but it's unclear what his role in the rally will be.  

Rush Limbaugh is a native of Cape Girardeau. Missouri is a key battleground state as incumbent Democratic Senator Clarie McCaskill faces a tough challenge from Republican Josh Hawley, who serves as Missouri's attorney general.  

The rally is scheduled for 10pm Eastern time Monday and it will be broadcast live on WGY.

Photo: Getty Images

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