Govenor Cuomo's Lead over Molinaro Shrinks, Still Leads by Double-Digits

The poll of likely voters shows Governor Cuomo's lead over Republican contender Marc Molinaro shrinking to 13 points, down from a 22 point lead a month ago. 

While the Governor has stronger support from Democrats than Molinaro has from Republicans, Independents have switched sides in the last month, now favoring Molinaro.     

When it comes to control of the House of Representatives and State Senate, Democrats and Republicans do agree - they want their own party in control. 

Siena College Pollster Steven Greenberg saying Independents are "evenly divided about the House and very closely divided on the State Senate question."

The race for State Comptroller, US Senate and State Attorney General all show Democrats leading by double digit margins.

Photo: Getty Images/Facebook

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