Students bring fresh approach to health services to Albany's South End

"They try to figure out, how can I help this person?  I call them compassionate problem-solvers."

-Dr. Greg Dewey, president Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, talking about student response to work in Collaboratory.

The U.S. healthcare landscape keeps changing and evolving.  Recent years have seen significant consolidation of hospitals, medical practices, and pharmacies.  As a result some areas of Upstate New York and the nation have developed healthcare "deserts."  Albany's South End residents are among those who are finding some health services shrinking.

Enter Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (ACPHS) and the new Collaboratory.  The Collaboratory, in the Lincoln Square building, will be a base for collaboration between community-based organizations and health care providers.

In this podcast, ACPHS president Dr. Greg Dewey and Harris Oberlander, CEO of Trinity Alliance of the Capital Region talk about how the community and the students each benefit from the Collaboratory approach and give examples of projects they are already working together on.

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