Countdown is on for Albany's 49th Equinox Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving turkey

If you think it's tough getting things ready for Thanksgiving dinner for your family, imagine what they go through at Equinox every year.  

Once again, the clock is ticking, and volunteers are on track to prepare and serve a total of 10,000 turkey dinners.

"And of those 10,000," said Equinox spokesperson Christina Rajotte, "9,500 are delivered directly to individuals whether they're homebound, in difficult circumstances, or just elderly and would like a nice meal."

Equinox also sponsors a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner for 500 at the First Presbyterian Church in Albany. It's scheduled to start at 1:00 on Thursday.

Equinox has all the volunteers it needs, but anyone who wants a meal delivered to them can still request one by calling the Thanksgiving hotline at 518-434-0131.

photo:  Getty Images

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