Attorneys Reach Deal to Spare "Luna's" life


"Luna" the dog will live!  

Officials with the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society have confirmed a deal has been reached between the dog's owners and the city of Troy that will mean the 6-year-old mixed breed will not be euthanized after a confrontation with another animal back in October.  

Under terms of the agreement, all charges will be dropped against "Luna" if she stays out of trouble for the next two years, and she will not be designated a "dangerous dog."  However, she will have to be spayed and microchipped, and will have to wear a muzzle when outside.  Owner Cade Saba will be required to pay a $15 hundred civil fee, but will be able to bring the dog home for the holidays.

The deal is expected to be approved this afternoon by Rensselaer County Judge Jennifer Sober.  

"The owner is not irresponsible," said Margaret Donnelly, an attorney for owner Cade Saba. "She took responsibility for "Luna's" bad day, restitution has been made for the other animal.  She's got insurance now for the dog."

"We wanted Luna to live," and that will happen," said Todd Cramer, Director of the Mohawk-Hudson Humane Society.  "It's regrettable that we had to take such hard steps to make that happen, but when push to shove, the Humane Society will always go the extra mile and take the right step."

The story took a different twist last week when State Sen. Jim Tedisco asked Gov. Cuomo to formally "pardon" "Luna"

"Unless you can kill something or somebody by licking them or kissing them to death," Sen. Tedisco said last week, "clearly this is not a dangerous dog."

photo:  WGY news

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