Congressman Antonio Delgado Sworn In This Weekend

Constituents of the 19th Congressional District were on hand in Hudson, as Antonio Delgado was sworn in as their new representative.

Delgado said in a public statement that he is profoundly honored, deeply honored, to be able to serve you [the people], deeply, and promises to do so, with great care and a determined heart.

The new Congressman pledged to rise above politics and reach across the aisle to get past the hate and division in Washington.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer gave the oath to the 1st term representative of the 19th District.

Delgado says they have to restore their collective faith in Democracy, and no matter what is going on in Washington, that is what he will be focusing on, that is his North Star; you, serving you, beholding to you, the people.

Delgado also pledged not to take his pay during the federal government shutdown, telling the crowd Congress needs to, "stop the games and get things done."

Photo: Getty Images

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