Congressman Represents Politically Diverse District

"At the end of the day the story of America is the story of progress.  It's the story of expanding  equality.  It's  the story of expanding freedoms, expanding individual rights, expanding this notion that the  'We' in 'We the People' includes everybody."  -19th District Congressman Antonio Delgado

As the nation endures a lengthy partial government shutdown, newly-elected Congressman Antonio Delgado vows he'll listen to the concerns of everyone in New York's politically diverse 19th District.  It's a district that is roughly made up of about one-third Democrats, one-third Republicans, and one-third Independents.  In this podcast with Diane Donato, Delgado, a Harvard graduate who grew up in Schenectady, talks about trying to reach across the aisle, create economic opportunities in Upstate, and keep expanding freedom for all.


Photo courtesy office of the Office of Antonio Delgado


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