Capital Region Temperatures Warming Up, High of 52 Coming!

The death toll from the brutal cold that's gripped the Midwest all week is now at least 21. The dead include a 60-year-old woman found in an abandoned house near Cleveland and a 38-year-old woman found in her apartment in Milwaukee. Some others were found dead just a short walk from their homes.

The cold is forecast to start ending Friday and here in the Capital Region we're in for a warm-up...relativity speaking.

Here's the WGY-AccuWeather forecast through Tuesday:

  • FRIDAY: Mostly sunny, high of 18
  • SATURDAY: Clouds & sun, high of 30
  • SUNDAY: Cloudy, high of 38
  • MONDAY: Clouds & Sun, high of 45
  • TUESDAY: Partly sunny, high of 52

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Photo: Getty Images

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