Firefighter fighting battle of his life

Woodward Family

What was originally thought to be a pulled muscle turned out to be a life or death situation for an Albany Airport firefighter. Josh Woodward complained to his wife on Monday night that his arm was sore and that he might have pulled a muscle. When Woodward developed a fever, the couple assumed he may have contracted the flu, since their two kids had been sick days before. Woodward went to the ER on Thursday and it was determined he was septic and he underwent immediate emergency surgery. He was given a 5% change of survival at that point, the infection had spread to his heart, lungs, kidney and liver. A Go Fund Me page has been established for Josh Woodward, who is also a volunteer with the North Bethlehem Fire Department. His wife has been giving updates on victories and struggles on her facebook page as the firefighter continues to fight back.

Photo: WNYT


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