The Red Herrings of Suzanne Lyall's Case

In the Second Episode of Upstate Unsolved, Dr. Lane, The Director of The Cold Case Analysis Center, students from the center, Suzanne Lyall’s mother, Mary, and I followed her footsteps on March 2, 1998, the last day Suzy was seen.

In this episode, we detail what happened the day after Suzy's disappearance, which remains one of the biggest question marks surrounding her case. On March 3rd, $20 was withdrawn using Suzy's ATM card at a Stewart’s convenience store about three miles from campus.

We discuss the man identified publicly as “The Nike Man” who was seen at Stewart’s around the time the $20 was withdrawn.

A red herring is a literary term which is used to mislead the audience or characters from finding the truth. The Nike Man, who got his nickname because of the Nike “swish” logo on his baseball cap, seems to be the Red Herring of Suzy’s case.

But since there is no official suspect in her disappearance and he has a questionable past, we can’t conclusively say that The Nike Man has nothing to do with Suzy's disappearance.

In the weeks and months that followed her disappearance, The Nike Man’s involvement in her case was played up very publicly. The family of Suzy’s boyfriend purchased a billboard on Interstate 787 plastered with her picture, the sketch of The Nike Man, the tip line for the State Police and advertising the $25,000 reward.

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Photo: Mary Lyall

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