Searching For Suzanne Lyall

The first 48 hours of an investigation, especially a missing person or homicide case, are crucial and can make or break a case.

Suzanne Lyall was last seen on March 2, 1998 exiting a city bus at the Collins Circle Bus Stop on UAlbany's campus. The next day her boyfriend Rich Condon and his Mother Donna reported her missing to campus police. Rich called Suzy's parents and said, "did you know Suzy was missing?" Her father Doug raced down to the campus and her mother Mary stayed by the phone in case anyone called with information on where Suzy was.

Campus police believed the Lyalls and the Condons were overreacting. They didn't believe it was necessary to contact State police.

A couple of days after Suzy was last seen, Campus Police alerted State Police of her disappearance and they took over her case.

In this episode, Dr. Christina Lane, a criminologist and the Director of The Cold Case Analysis Center at The College of Saint Rose and I talk with the lead investigator of the initial investigation, about the framework of her case and how investigations like Suzy's are handled. We hear from Suzy's siblings about the aftermath of her disappearance and how their lives have been affected by her absence.

I also speak with my Dad, who participated in a couple of ground searches for Suzy as well as the Director of Security at The College of Saint Rose who at the time, was in charge of the City of Albany's dive team and searched the pond at UAlbany for Suzy.

Additionally Mary shares some oddities that happened in the weeks and months following Suzy's disappearance. Including a mysterious note found at the bottom of a blender box that was hidden under Suzy's bed.

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