Getting to Know Suzanne Lyall

Suzanne Lyall is so much more than her disappearance. She is a daughter, sister, cousin, a hard worker, poet, computer lover, girlfriend, and a friend.

Throughout this season we have stressed our goal to paint the most accurate picture we can of Suzy leading up to the night she vanished on March 2, 1998. Students from the Cold Case Analysis Center at The College of Saint Rose have worked tirelessly making contact with those close to Suzy. Over the course of the past few months we have spoken to members of her family, friends and co-workers gaining insight into who Suzy was.

Dr. Chris Kunkle, the Faculty Advisory to the Cold Case Analysis Center and a forensic psychologist, says that in cases like Suzanne Lyall's; the most important piece of evidence there is to work Suzy.

In this episode, we speak to members of her immediate family and her two cousins to get at the core of who Suzy was as a child and into her high school years. Her family shares similar anecdotes of Suzy, expressing her kind heart and intelligent nature but also the traits we haven't heard much about.

Interwoven throughout the episode, I share poetry written by Suzy. Her words have depth and a wisdom wise beyond her years.

We touch on the world of computers she immersed herself in and discuss her first love, her high school boyfriend.

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