A Life Interrupted, The Buildup to Suzanne Lyall's Disappearance

Over the course of this season we've discussed the day Suzanne Lyall disappeared, we followed her footsteps on March 2, 1998 travelling to and from where she worked at Babbage's. We walked around the campus of UAlbany where she was last seen.

We introduced three strangers we believe could have had something to do with her disappearance due to their MO's and connections to the Albany area. We discussed the various searches conducted for Suzy in the days, weeks and months after she disappeared. But most importantly, we talked with individuals who knew Suzy. Who have memories and love for her and would do anything to help find answers in her case.

In this episode, we focus on Suzy's life after graduating from high school. How she attended her freshman year at SUNY Oneonta but stayed at her boyfriend Rich's house in The Capital Region nearly every weekend, without her parents knowledge. We speak to her family members and friends about how unhappy she was at Oneonta which lead to her transferring to UAlbany.

Her loved ones detail how Suzy's grades started to slip and how she spent the majority of her time with Rich, his family and his friends. She confided in her cousin that she was afraid she was going to flunk out of college.

We talk about elements of control that Rich had over Suzy, going as far as to have their computers linked, giving him access to her computer at any time.

Suzy's family and friends share the last time they saw her and their last conversations with Suzy before she was never seen again. We also talk more about the possibility of an unplanned pregnancy.

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