Man Attempted to Flee Back to Mexico, Accused of Assaulting Saratoga Woman

A 26-year-old man from Mexico has been arrested in connection with the attack on a woman in Saratoga Springs last weekend.

Police say Francisco Ortega-Hernandez grabbed a woman by the head and neck on Phila Street last Saturday night. He was spotted on a bicycle earlier this week on Union Avenue, but pedaled away through the back stretch area of the track when confronted by a detective.

He left Saratoga and went to the Albany International Airport to try to book a flight back to Mexico. Investigators coordinated with Albany County Sheriffs to locate Ortega-Hernandez and take him into custody as he prepared to board the flight.

He faces three charges, including unlawful imprisonment. Police say he's a Mexican citizen, and has been in the country legally on a work visa since June. He was credentialed to work at the Saratoga Race course.

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