Cup of Joe: the WGY Weekend's signs of the unofficial end of summer

Bye Bye Summer painted rock

Let the WGY Weekend crew be your barometer for the end of summer.

  • Mrs. Gallagher moved all of Joe’s sweaters into his dresser.
  • Zack switched from his Mets hats and jerseys to his Alabama and Eagles gear.
  • Alysha can’t get enough Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • Joe complains about already having Halloween candy and costumes in stores
  • Zack can’t stop talking about his fantasy football picks.
  • Alysha changes from her summer office sweater to her winter office sweater
  • Zack switches from Summer IPAs to Fall IPAs
  • Joe switches from summer show prep to...

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! What do you do to recognize the unofficial end of summer?

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