Cup of Joe: How much have you spent on Back to School this year?

back to school shopping banner with supplies in the background

New York parents will spend an average of $230.70 per child on back to school shopping this year, according to a survey from NY ranks 13th in the nation for highest back to school spenders.

New York Highlights:

  • The majority of parents use online coupons or credit cards to save money on back-to-school shopping
  • Clothing is the most popular item to buy for back-to-school shopping
  • August is the most popular shopping month
  • Walmart is the most popular shopping destination
  • 83.9% of parents are looking forward to their children going back to school

National Highlights:

  • Parents of 11th graders will be spending the most at $272.82 
  • 38% of parents say they use online coupons when shopping for school supplies
  • August was ranked the most popular month to buy school supplies for shoppers, with 55.4% of parents saying that’s when they shop
  • Walmart reigns supreme as the favorite shopping destination for back-to-school goodies, 38% of parents answering Walmart as their favorite back-to-school shopping destination, followed by Target (26%) and Amazon (19%)

How much have you spent on back to school shopping this year? What are your tips for make the most out of your Back to School dollars?

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